Looking Beautiful – Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

September 18th, 2011

Welcome to Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

Here you will find many stories, pictures and dare I say gossip of celebrities who have been cited to have had at some stage some sort of cosmetic plastic surgery gone wrong. The articles and information I have collected for this site have been specifically written for this site and come from a number of different sources. I can not guarantee all are true as some of the writers obviously have slightly different opinions and perspectives. But all in all, the evidence is here for you to make up your own mind and see the pictures for yourself. It is astonishing what these people have done to themselves.

You would be surprised at how many people have been victim to celebrity plastic surgery gone wrongplastic surgery gone wrong – many people wanting to look beautiful have been victimized by surgical procedures that did not go as planned. While it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our society holds a very high standard for what is beautiful and what is not, especially when it comes to human beauty.

Beauty is something that everyone falls in love with, though perhaps for different reasons. Strange in a way that something as simple as beauty that can cost you so much both from a financial perspective and from an emotional standpoint.

Throughout history, beauty has always been something that is given much importance. A woman during the 18th century wanted to always look her best, dressed properly with tight corsets and ribbons of different colors and shades are placed on her perfectly curled hair. Everything done, with precision and poise for the sake of beauty. Even today, with all of the products and techniques available to us, we still strive to look our best, no matter where we go and no matter who we go out with.

Alongside of the beauty, unfortunately, comes pain. The things men and especially women have to go through just so they will look their best are inconceivable. Things like; plucking the eyebrows, application of makeup (and all the tools necessary to do so) as well as bikini waxings, laser hair removal and pedicures that treat your toes as if they were the enemy. In short, most people will do anything to adhere to societal standards and to please society with their beauty.

But today’s society sometimes seeks a different kind of beauty. While before it was only corsets that could make a woman’s body look like an hour glass, in today’s world of beauty and perfection – we have plastic surgery to nip us and tuck us and turn us into fashion plates. However, it is all too common that we see this plastic surgery gone wrong.

Different Ways Plastic Surgery Can Go Wrong

Plastic surgery is known as a medical procedure for the correction of form or function of the human body, and is best known as aesthetic or cosmetic surgery. If you don’t like the form of your face, you can go to the hospital for a cosmetic surgery to change its shape. Not happy with the bridge of your nose, the height of your cheek bone, or the length of your chin? Those too can be fixed. What about the fat you find hanging loosely on your belly? Don’t worry! There’s a little thing called liposuction (a form of plastic surgery) that will take care of that! When you pay, you pay for beauty alone and when the surgery’s done – you come out looking like a god or goddess with your perfect chin; your perfect lip, and your perfectly tucked tummy; your perfect everything.

But with the search for perfection of beauty, comes not only with a fat bill but also the tragedy of a plastic surgery gone bad. Allergic reactions to Botox can lead to saggy skin, rashes and even discoloration, and a discoloration of the skin can catch lots of attention. And sometimes, Botox can also lead to the puffy effect of your skin; effects that you cannot get rid of. Nose jobs can also be a dangerous plastic surgery disaster, when you wished for it to be reconstructed or reshaped for the sake of a symmetrical face, when your nose is cut the wrong way or even too much removal of skin can make you look the exact opposite of beautiful.

Lip injections can also be disastrous, when someone wants plump looking lower lips, like that of the famous Angelina Jolie. This plastic surgery can lead to the over plumpness of your lip and makes it look unnatural, something we don’t want the world to know or even see. There are many instances of celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong and you can read about them and see the pictures in other posts throughout this website, but some classic cases of celebrity plastic surgery gone bad include Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Elsa Patton, Michael Jackson, and Fergie. But there are numerous more cosmetic surgery disasters out there that I will try to find and include in this site, so come back again to see.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Closing Thoughts

You never think about the ‘what might happen’, because you always think about how pretty you might look after a plastic surgery – but what IF you become a victim of a bad plastic surgery What do you do if your attempt to turn yourself into a fashion model takes a bad turn? Is it worth the risk? Are you willing to take the chance of permanent damage in order to fit society’s definition of beautiful?

If you have had botched plastic surgery, who do you blame? It would be easy, of course, to blame the plastic surgeon. However, most plastic surgeons require that the patient sign a consent form that acknowledges that you understand the risks involved, and the fact that there can be permanent damage (though of course they will downplay the risks to you in the hopes that you will sign up for it anyway and pay the bills).

A quick look at the topic online will tell you hundreds of horror stories of plastic surgery gone bad, of procedures that should have been very simple and easy and which, instead, turned into nightmares for those undergoing them.

There are many other occasions and tragedies of a plastic surgery gone wrong. For once you’ve wanted to look beautiful, with a plastic surgery to go wrong can make you wish you never even considered it.

Knowing All About Latest News On Funny Celebrity Gossip

October 12th, 2014

Sometimes famous people do things that are quite silly which can really affect their lives in a negative way. Human beings will purchase a newspaper in order to read the latest news on funny celebrity gossip that can make anyone chuckle. There are so many entertainers who cannot stay out of the spotlight in a negative way.

Hollywood is now facing a major crisis since there are so many actors taking nude pictures. These photographs are now appearing on the internet and they are quite embarrassing. Entertainers like Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian, Hayden Panettiere, Lea Michele, Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen are all facing this particular dilemma.

Human beings living in America are currently laughing their heads off since they do not think highly of these people anyway. Many of them are rich snobs who do not care about the common man and his daily plight. Other individuals believe that the women leaked the photos on their own in order to gain attention.

There are a few women across the land who want to become very rich and powerful quickly and they will do anything for fame. This is when these individuals will take off their clothes and jump into bed with any random male. The duo will make the most erotic tape possible and then leak it to the media. A woman called Kim Kardashian falls into this specific category since she has a sex tape on the American market. Males all around love to look at Kim’s curvy body and they desperately want to be with her.

Unfortunately many child actors grow up to be really screwed up adults. This is the case with a young lady named Mary-Kate Olsen who was a part of “Full House.” Years ago she was a charming young baby who delighted audiences all around the globe with her bright smile. Mary-Kate is now with an old guy who enjoys taking naked pictures of her for his own entertainment. She has a sibling who tries to stay out of the spotlight.

Whenever Jennifer Lawrence attends an awards show the photographers go crazy over her. They love this down home girl who seems to be very level headed since she stays away from erotic movie roles. Jennifer may eventually do nudity since people have now viewed her risky photos that are published everywhere. She has been very quiet about this entire ordeal and is trying to hide from the public.

Lea Michele was living a good life when she appeared on the show titled “Glee.” Many people around thought that this series would last forever but they were wrong. In a short time the male star had killed himself with drugs and Lea started taking nude photos of herself.

Vanessa Hudgens is another young lady who can now be seen without any clothing in various magazines and newspapers. Hackers have now stolen her most intimate photographs to display to the entire world. Ms. Hudgens once worked for Disney Studios since she starred in the “High School Musical” movies. The fans are now seeing an erotic side to this dark haired beauty who was once a positive role model to young women.

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Why Many People Are Fond Of Talking About The Latest News On Celebrity Gossip

October 10th, 2014

So many things can be discussed by family members, friends and co-workers when they gather. Matters that concern the frenzied world of show business are some of the things many like to talk about. No one can resist spreading or listening to the latest news on celebrity gossip. Since the ones involved are rich and famous, nobody can be blamed for taking interest in juicy rumors.

It appears as though that taking interest in the lives of public figures is an indelible part of human nature. There are numerous reasons why gossiping is something that is willingly being done by many, regardless of gender, age or social standing. Read on to learn some of the most obvious ones of them all.

Gossips are pieces of information that are readily available and relevant. Matters concerning the military uprising in a certain country or the recent discovery made by a group of scientists can actually bore a lot of people to death. On the other hand, topics concerning the lives of stars are always welcome at any given time or day. Nothing is boring about the latest happenings in the world of showbiz.

Talking about screen sirens, rock stars and the likes is a great way to keep boredom away. Discussing all sorts of things pertaining to the glittery show business is a great time killer when family and friends gather. There is something so fun and thrilling about sharing rumors that pertain to celebrities. It doesn’t even matter if they love or loathe the starts being talked about.

Being aware of the juiciest gossips makes a person feel like he or she belongs. No one really wants to be the one who does not know what everybody is avidly talking about these days. Before heading out, checking out the TV, tabloid and internet prepares the person for the day ahead. Armed with interesting news, the unpleasant feeling of being left out can be avoided effectively.

Mentioning the freshest pieces of information about showbiz makes an individual the center of everyone’s attention. Nothing can make heads turn faster than news on the love life or cat fight of celebrities. There’s something addictive about being the group’s source of rumors. It can give the person a sense of what it feels like to be a star, just like the ones being talked about.

Spreading rumors makes someone’s mundane life seem so perfect after all. It can be comforting to know that even the richest and most beautiful people on the planet also have problems just like normal human beings. It makes ordinary citizens appear to be just like celebrities. Other than being entertaining, knowing about negative issues concerning the stars can be empowering.

A lot of people will be quick to claim that gossiping is bad and they are right about it. However, many still believe that they are not doing something terrible because the individuals involved are considered as public properties. Just like the various reasons mentioned above make clear, spreading or attentively listening to gossips can be an act that is both rewarding and fun.

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Features Of A Full Grain Leather Messenger Bag

October 10th, 2014

To be successful in today’s hectic business world it is imperative that you are prepared for whatever may be needed to close a deal or make that all important sale. To accomplish this task in the field You must have all of the tools necessary to show your product in the best light and handle whatever paperwork may be needed. Having a full grain leather messenger bag may be one of the most important items you possess.

Made of soft pliable leathers the bags are designed to last many years. The texture of the hides used varies in color and as they age the develop a patina the enhances their beauty over the years. Using a cleaner may temporarily darken the color but within a few days the oils are absorbed completely and the original shades will return.

Equipped with shoulder straps for easy carry purposes many of them also have grips built into the tops for times when a shoulder strap is unnecessary. When an area sustains a lot of stress from carrying manufacturers will reinforce them with steel rivets and in the case of a grip provide a metal bar inside the upper flap to bear the weight and stress. Rivets are also used in other heavy use areas of each bag.

They have single gusset construction and are wide enough to hold files in the main pocket. There are also individual compartments inside to accommodate cell phones, tablets and other small items such as pens and business cards. A special padded section in the back is designed to hold laptop computers safely. For travel you may find a hidden compartment located at the bottom of your bag for concealing money, passports and other important documents.

To give their products a rustic authentic look many designers choose not to use zippers and snaps on the bags they make. They choose to use saddle buckles and clasps instead. The buckles securely close the bag and prevent loss from spillage and the enhance the looks by giving a vintage appearance to the bag.

A modern touch that has been added to some designs allows the bags to be converted into easy to carry back packs. They use the shoulder straps in the conversion by placing strips of material on the bags that provide support for the strap to be looped into place for both shoulders to carry. This hands free option can provide the user with the ability to carry other materials to assist with a presentation in the field.

Being smaller and lighter than briefcases these bags are far more versatile also. They contain side pockets and individual compartments for transporting files in an upright position that enables you to see exactly which file you need immediately. A briefcase generally opens from the side and files must be stacked on top of each other for transporting them causing the user to shuffle through them each time one is needed for work.

There is usually a ten year warranty on these bags but most are designed to last a lifetime with normal use and longer if they are properly cared for.

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Why You Want To Start Following Snarky Celebrity Gossip

October 9th, 2014

You can do many fun and exciting things online. For instance, you can read the latest, snarky celebrity gossip. These are usually blog posts that tell people all about celebrities and their latest happenings. These are ideal for those who like wit and entertainment together and they are great for taking a quick break from your normal responsibilities.

Most people think that famous individuals have everything that they could ever want or need. They are very rich and this means that they do not deal with typical financial problems. They can also go to the most exciting parties and events and this gives them the opportunity to socialize with highly attractive dating prospects.

It is surprising that these individuals have such a hard time enjoying their lives or that they can make some of the biggest an self-defeating mistakes possible. When you visit a blog that posts all of the happenings in these circles, you will be amazed at the craziness that goes on. Whether these people are having a hard time in their love lives or in simply keeping it all together, much of what happens is actually pretty hilarious.

Fashion mistakes are something that a lot of the top sites do on a regular basis. While many celebrities look absolutely fantastic when their pictures are posted on the pages of magazines, they have good days and bad days just like everyone else. Seeing them before they have been professionally styled and made up can give your self-esteem a significant boost.

In fact, sites like these are making it easier for both men and women to see that they are trying to follow a nearly impossible standard for beauty. Looking at movie stars who have taken a break from the movie set will show you that they can be overweight, struggle with acne or need trips to the hair salon. These people are not perfect.

Sites like these can be surprisingly uplifting. This is actually one of the best things about a good, snarky blog post. The writers are wry and quick-witted an find funny ways to take note of the obvious. You can even use the comment section on a post to add a few thoughts of your own.

People can even use comment sections to engage in communication with other viewers who share similar opinions. This is actually one large part of the fun in viewing these pages. Responses in these sections can be hilarious too just like the articles that people are responding to. It is additionally possible to share a favorite post with your social network contacts. Also, taking part in online forums will help you get some recognition of your own.

Blogs like these help people to stay on top of current events, even if these are trivial. You can learn more about the Hollywood dating scene including which actors and actresses have decided to come out. You can find out if someone is pregnant, has passed away or has had some other interesting event occur. When stars have their phones hacked and embarrassing photos shared with the public, you will be one of the first people to find out about it.

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What You Must Know About Botched Plastic Surgery

March 12th, 2012

What Exactly is a Botched Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries - earPrecisely, the botched plastic surgery signifies the situation when the plastic surgery gone wrong or a plastic surgery turns worse. You may be aware of the fact that plastic surgery should be performed only in such cases where there is a requirement to take care of birth blemishes or accidental injuries or any other critical skin related conditions. Whenever plastic surgery is undertaken mainly as a personal choice it is known as cosmetic surgery. The procedure of plastic surgery involves aesthetic approach to correct or replenish the facial and different bodily features of the skin, which the patient concerned, do not like to possess.

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